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Virtual Team Building and Management

Virtual teams are growing in popularity since many companies continue to grow and expand in different areas.

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About This Course

Virtual teams are growing in popularity since many companies continue to grow and expand in different areas. But sometimes learning to manage a team that we can’t physically see every day can be difficult. When we learn how to manage our local teams, as well as our virtual teams, we can form a group that works together to increase productivity and provides a new perspective on any project.

What you would be learning

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

• Know the keys to establishing a virtual team

• Learn how to hold effective meetings and group sessions

• Learn effective ways to communicate with team members

• Use tools to build trust and confidence among employees

• Know how to handle poor performing employees

• Know how to manage a virtual team during any project

Knowledge Required

Basic English

Certificates issued on completion

statement of accomplishment

A statement of accomplishment establishes that a student has sufficiently and adequately completed about 80% of the course's requirement and is expected to have properly understood the underlying skill and knowledge being taught, and can apply them with little or no supervision.

Virtual Team Management Expert

This certificate verifies that the bearer has acquired proficiency in creating, participating and managing online team management and communication channels/workplaces, with zero or very minimal supervision.

Course Instructors

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Topics In This Course

1  Course Outline Ebook Available

2   Getting Started Ebook Available

3  Setting Up Your Virtual Team (I) Ebook Available

4  Setting Up Your Virtual Team (II) Ebook Available

5  Virtual Team Meetings Ebook Available

6  Communication (I) Ebook Available

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