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Our Mission -

To Develop and Integrate Africa's Junior

Talents Into The Workforce..

Digital Talent Accelerator for Africa's top junior talents.

Africa’s Recruitment Paradox.

The Problem -
Despite the existence of almost 2.5 million entry-level job vacancies that go unfilled each year, the African Development Bank reports that 2 out of every 3 African graduates remain steadily unemployed following graduation. This recruitment paradox is evident in labour markets throughout Africa and reflects the continent’s ever-increasing “skills gap”—or, the rift that exists between the skills acquired in the university by graduates and those actually sought out by employers in the job market. Meanwhile, business leaders across Africa indicate challenges in identifying timely and cost-effective tools to navigate local talent pools in countries of operation.

The Solution -
Slatecube is an online service that leverages smart adaptive algorithms to train and intelligently integrate entry-level talents into the workforce. Slatecube employs smart technology to bridge Africa’s skills gap. We support businesses in re-engineering their recruitment processes and provide them access to our robust entry-level talent pool. Our solution not only enables companies to connect with top talents, but it also aims to positively impact youth employment outcomes throughout Africa.

Here’s how we do it:

Meet the Team.


Chris Kwekowe

Co-Founder & CEO.

MIT Alumni


Emerald Kwekowe

Co-Founder & CTO.

NOUN Alumni


'Kansola Oshodi

COO/Partnerships Lead


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Country Manager, SA


Apply for Role

Business Development Lead


Stephanie Nwannukwu

Customer Service Lead

OAU Alumni


Bright Ukaegbu

Community/Talent Mgt. Lead



Chibuikem Igwe

Finance and Accounting Lead

NOUN Alumni


Israel Anga

Graphics Design Lead

NOUN Alumni

Our Advisory.


Warren Hero

CIO, Webber Wentzel (SA)


Jamie Martin

Founder, Injini (SA)


Garikai Matambo

Ops Lead TMT, Deliotte Global

Things to Consider.

We've trained over 13,000 graduates in Software Engineering, Graphics & Animations Design, Data Science, AI/Robotics and Digital Marketing across sub-Saharan Africa. We have over 10,000 active users taking our professional programs on both mobile and laptop devices. We have a 78% job placement success rate.

Can Slatecube Work for Me?

If you'd like to learn a lot more about how Slatecube works exactly for you - either as a student, job seeker, or employer of labour, please get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to call you!

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