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Our Mission -

To Develop and Integrate African Talents,

Into The Workforce..

Digital Talent Accelerator for Africa's top junior talents.

Africa’s Recruitment Paradox.

The Problem -
While we churn out 15 million graduates every year from tertiary institutions on the continent, companies struggle to find good talents. This shows the huge disparity between the skills employers need and what our universities teach.

The Solution -
Slatecube is a Digital Talent Accelerator that upskills students in tertiary institutions and intelligently matches them to top entry-level positions in companies.

Meet the Team.

Things to Consider.

We've trained over 13,000 graduates in Software Engineering, Graphics & Animations Design, Data Science, AI/Robotics and Digital Marketing across sub-Saharan Africa. We have over 7,000 active users taking our professional programs on both mobile and laptop devices. We have a 77.5% job placement success rate in 2018.

Can Slatecube Work for Me?

If you'd like to learn a lot more about how Slatecube works exactly for you - either as a student, job seeker, or employer of labour, please get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to call you!

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