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Africa's Digital Talent Accelerator,

For Students, Job Seekers, And Employers of Labour.

Here's What We Do.

1. Training Programs that matter.

Whether you are looking to build entry-level skills as a student, or to add to your professional skills while working, our industry-focused training programmes are practice-driven and directed towards solving real-life challenges faced by companies and organizations today.

2. Smart Hiring for Everyone.

Slatecube leverages artificial intelligence to suggest and match talents with organizations who need them based on their acquired skills and previous qualifications. Our hiring dashboard creates great visualization and allows human input so you are always in complete control.

3. Manage Career Progression.

Our Career Management service helps businesses harness intelligent tools to onboard great talents, ensure their continued training, and then set and track their career progression activities! This better informs the staff promotion process withing organizations.


"Only few weeks after my program here,
Slatecube helped me get into a Digital Marketing role at Swift Networks Nigeria Ltd. to develop solutions to real world marketing problems based off of the skills I had acquired."

A. Oluomachi, Talent 2017

Top Opportunities for June.

Find new hiring opportunities from all sectors.

Slatecube for Organizations.

Let's help you identify, manage, and accelerate the development of top talents at all stages of the Employment Lifecycle.

Talent Recruiting

Request. Evaluate. Deploy.
Find and hire world-class yet startup-friendly professionals across various industries with ease.

Talent Management

From employee on-boarding to career progression and even employment termination, we've got you covered.

Hire Greatness

Whether you are looking for world-class professionals to handle high-stake functions, or just interns to handle intricate but low level activities, we have the right talents for you.

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