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Welcome to Slatecube Accelerate

Access Relevant Trainings And Entry-level Opportunities in one place.

Here's How it Works.

1.Get Up-skilled.

To get hired on Slatecube, companies require that you successfully enroll and complete a set of online courses. Each course adds certain skills to your profile. The better your score in each course, the more likely you are to get hired.

2. Verify Your Credentials.

After completing any course on Slatecube, you will be given scenrio-based assessment questions which make up the verification and assessment phase of your user journey. We will also ask for your academic records.

3. Get Employed.

Upon completing the Accelerate™ user journey, our machine learning algorithms suggest and rank you to employers based on your performance and acquired skills. We use predictive analysis to better develop your profile until you get hired.


"I got hired by a leading technology firm
through the Slatecube platform after completing the Software Engineering track. I received several job offers but decided to relocate and work for a global ICT company in Canada."

O. Ifeanyi, Talent 2018

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Welcome to Slatecube Workforce

Match the ideal talent to your available job roles, in seconds!

Our Talent Mapping algorithm helps businesses hire the right talents.

Clearly match employees to job roles with the easy-to-use Role Mapping tool.

Access thousands of entry level talents with AI assisted job matching.

It's fast and easy! In just about 3 Minutes, you can make your first hire!

Here's How it Works.

1.Create a Company Profile.

Once you signup, our easy-to-use setup tools will help you build a page that showcases the best of your company, including it's culture, work tools used, and other benefits in order to appeal to the best candidates.

2. Specify Your Hiring Needs.

Our Talent Mapping technology then allows you to specify the roles you are looking to hire for, the relevant skills you consider for each role, and what courses on Slatecube candidates have to complete in order to be eligible.

3. Leverage Tailored Recruiting.

Workforce™ then scores, vets and onboards talents into your organization based on their skills, qualifications and how well they match your company's culture. View what they even look like before you hire.

Slatecube Workforce™ Testimonials.

See what some of the best companies think about Slatecube Workforce™.

Injini EdTech Ventures.

The seamless integration of Slatecube's entry-level talents into companies is both thorough and time-efficient.


Your talents seem to be perfectly designed for our needs. This is true for both those hired full-time, and those outsourced from you.

Hire Only The Best

Before we even suggest and match talents with you, we ensure that these talents have acquired the relevant skills through either our project-based online programs or from other skill partners within our network. This is so you never have to worry about their ability to deliver!

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