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About Slatecube


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Company Type

Information Technology

Who we are

Slatecube is a digital platform that upskills tertiary students and graduates, and intelligently matches them to entry-level positions in companies.

What we do

Our services–which include self-paced project-based online skill courses that are built in partnership with businesses, and AI-based role mapping and recruiting service–provide Africa’s junior talents with highly sought-after job skills to gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic workforce, while also helping businesses effectively hire and manage world-class junior talents unto their team.

We aim to bridge the gap between a university degree and actual employment, which has, for so long been a to factor in the high unemployment rate across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Culture

We are committed to developing African talents into world-class professionals. This drives the core essence of our activities.

Our Tech Stack

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. NODE JS
  3. Python

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