Slatecube Workforce.

Create AI powered early-career recruiting programs that are designed to help your team engage top talent faster, evaluate skillsets, culture-fit and personality traits better, and ultimately ensure optimal ROI on junior hire.

Workforce employs advanced talent mapping technology to score, vet and suggest talents based on their skill-sets, qualifications, and how well their personality traits match your company's culture. Ideal for large corporates, and startups as well.

See how businesses leverage
the Slatecube Workforce platform.

Typical use-cases for HR managers.

Develop Intelligent Graduate Relationship, Experience and Recruitment Programs.

Create intelligent talent pipelines for engaging and recruiting top bespoke entry-level talent with requisite skill-set and desirable personality traits.

Run Effective Internship Programs.

We help you design engaging ways to assess and on-board best-fit students for your internship programs which could be delivered onsite or remotely.

Implement Internal Up-Skilling Programs.

Develop, host and run employee training programs with Workforce™. You can also use our in-built project-based online courses that cover both core and life skills.


Workforce is designed to enable businesses and HR teams make smart, intelligent and effective early-career hiring decisions. Let us help you get started today.

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"Workforce offers the most advanced data-driven solution for recruiting and talent up-skilling. The more you use it, the better it improves your learning and recruiting processes."

Warren Hero, CIO at Webber Wentzel.