The Blended Learning Program for the Future of Work


The Slatecube iDeaLabs project is a 3-month blended learning (residential and virtual) training, internship and job matching effort designed by our Developer, Design & Marketing team to train both newbies and entry-levelers, on how to build Web Apps, 2D/3D animations, Graphics Design and Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

1. Onboarding Phase

This is a 5-day professional on-boarding process where candidates are exposed to the Slatecube Talent Cycle, Site Visits, and Personal Branding Activities. The aim of the on-boarding phase is to orientate candidates on how best to maximize opportunities in their chosen fields, and to better prepare them for the Program.

2. Expert-in-residence Phase

Also known as the EiR Phase, is a 2-month period where we move the training sessions from concept and theory, to hands-on practical challenges. Immediately after this, the best candidates are attached to work either physically or remotely for companies around the world in order to build job experience .

3. Job Matching Phase

This stage typically occurs 1 week before completing the EiR Phase. We work to place top performing candidates into world-class companies in the Slatecube network.


Our curriculum encompasses content from educational partners like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford,
as well as global and local businesses, and finally, top notch industry professionals from across Technology, Design, and Marketing. This process is designed to help you develop skills and experience needed to land some of the best jobs available.
We ideally take 10 applicants every Cohort.

6 Cohorts Annually:
January Cohort : March Cohort
May Cohort : July Cohort
September Cohort : November Cohort.


We partner with the best schools and organizations around the world to train Africa's brightest talents to become world-class, startup-friendly professionals. Our Tracks include Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, and Technology.


Learn the ropes to create stellar Marketing Campaigns that move people to take action across Social Media Platforms, on Google, and on websites. Topics under this track include: SEO for Beginners, App marketing course, Social Media Marketing.

The Marketing track also includes office hours, site visits
and internships. Do note that internships might have no pay during this period.


Our Design Track is divided into 2:
- Graphics Design: See how to make compelling flyers, banners, and accompanying graphics for both the web and print.
- Animation Design (2D and 3D): From cartoon characters to real world object modeling, join this track to create stunning 2D/3D representations.

The Design track also includes office hours, site visits and *internships. Most of the internships here are unpaid, but commissions would be given for projects successfully completed.


The Technology track is divided into Full-stack Web Development, and Design. We cover both foundational and advance web development technologies. Our Design class encompasses Graphics Design & Animation Design (2D and 3D).

The Technology track also includes office hours, site visits and *internships. Most of the internships here are unpaid, but commissions would be given for projects successfully completed.

+30 individual Programs.

Slatecube also offers bespoke program combinations across Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Soft Skills.
Our programs are modifiable to suit qualified candidates at an extra fee.
Please come with your laptop!