Slatecube Learna.

Learna provides tools and resources to help instructors and organizations that are looking to create robust online learning programs. From structured certificate programs to simple "how-to" courses, we enable you offer your classes to millions of participants online.

Our advanced course development platform helps you create classes that can be taken on the web and on all internet-enabled mobile devices by anyone, anywhere in the world, at the same time. Ideal for training organizations and individual instructors as well.

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Traditional training institutions looking to create online courses or workshops .

For brick-and-mortar training organizations looking to move their content to the internet and tap into new or already established online audience.

Individual instructors who want to offer online masterclasses .

For industry experts or anyone else looking to create a masterclass (or series of masterclasses) on topics they are knowledgable and/or passionate about.

Groups looking to move their activities online .

For groups with common learning interests who may already be familiar with each other e.g church cell groups, sunday school classes, school study groups, training groups for units/departments within an organization etc.


Learna provides easy-to-use tools for creating and delivering expert masterclasses online. Learna is suitable for learning organizations, individual instructors, especially industry experts, who are looking to create online programs.

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"Learna allows me the flexibility I need while also providing the tools that help me create comprehensive courses that are engaging and fulfilling for my participants."