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Majesty Ezeani - Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

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Powered by the cloud, Slatecube allows you to learn useful stuff and industry-recognized courses anywhere, any time, and on multiple devices for FREE! Our online courses are practical-driven and directed towards solving real-life challenges in their respective fields.
Slatecube provides you the opportunity, where available to undergo a period of attachment with a real organisation in other to enable you practise and effectively utilize the skills you have learnt. This is done in partnership with organisations.
After successfully completing any of these courses (including assignments, quizzes, final projects) and also acquiring a certificate endorsed by both the school/organisation and Microbold you get a chance to work with a leading company, doing the thing you love.



The Slatecube service empowers you to go beyond just teaching. It enables you CREATE IMPACT by giving you a more conducive way to conduct lectures, manage lesson notes, test comprehension by creating projects and most importantly, measure students' overall performance.
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With an ever-growing number of industry-endorsed courses hosted by leading institutions and organisations currently running on the Slatecube platform and being completed with excellence by young and vibrant individuals, you are sure to find employable talents and skills.
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