COVID-19 Resource Centre.

Slatecube builds AI-powered solutions for learning and workforce development, and has taken proactive measures to develop solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as you will find in this resource centre. We also highlight key trends and relevant publications from notable experts and organizations.

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Our Efforts.

1. Slatecube COVID-19 Relief Project.

A $100k relief fund (with varying cheque sizes) for small businesses and individuals in professions that have been adversely affected by stalled economic activities due to the pandemic.


2. Free learning on Accelerate until end of May.

We enabled free unlimited access for anyone looking to acquire new early-career skills, until the 31st of May.


3. Outsourcing™ - Connecting Businesses to Affordable Remote Talent.

We are providing assistance to businesses — especially those hardest hit by slowed economic activity — to find top affordable talent to work remotely on their projects.


Slatecube SA, 2019.

Relevant Resources.

Finding remote work

For skilled individuals looking for flexible options to work remotely for businesses or on projects that are of interest to them.

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Building a new skill

Quickly develop the skills that companies care about and get hired upon completion — all in one place!

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Talent Sourcing

Find vetted and skilled experts or talent teams for your technology and digital projects — at a price that works for you.

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Create a masterclass

Explore easy-to-use tools to create and deliver expert masterclasses online. For anyone looking to create online classes.

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Innovation for the new normal.

Explore solutions we've developed to help support both entrepreneurs and individuals on their path to recovery.


For organizations who support SMMEs, and help up-skill and integrate people into dignified work. Click to learn more about Goal8.


Connecting businesses to remote talent, and helping individuals find remote work opportunities. Click to learn more about Outsourcing.

Perspective from experts around the world.

Chris (CEO) and the rest of the Slatecube team constantly gather and share useful conversations from industry-experts (mostly from McKinsey & Company) and everyday people on their individual perspectives regarding what the new normal could look like and what we can all do to better prepare for it.

How business leaders can plan for the next normal | McKinsey.

The future is not what it used to be: Thoughts on the shape of the next normal.

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COVID-19 and reskilling the workforce | McKinsey.

To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, companies should start reskilling their workforces now.

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From thinking about the next normal to making it work: What to stop, start, and accelerate | McKinsey.

As businesses step into the post-coronavirus future, they need to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the next normal.

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Excerpts from 'Gates Notes'

The most promising candidates take a variety of approaches to protecting the body against COVID-19. To understand what exactly that means, it’s helpful to remember how the human immune system works.

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