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3D Animation and Design

Computer graphics is used in most areas of our daily lives. From advertisements to the Film industry and much more. In this course, you will learn the basics of 3D Designs and Animation.


  Course is On Hold

  7 weeks

  Average Hour / Week: 2hours

About This Course

Here in this course, I will be taking you through making designs and most of all make you creative with some of the coolest 3D tools available. The end goal of this course is to develop you into a world-class Graphics designer and 3D animator.

What you would be learning

Understand the whole production pipeline for animation, from

1. Modelling
2. Texturing
3. Environment props
4. Character modeling, and finally
5. Rigging

Knowledge Required

You must have basic experience with using a computer.

Certificates issued on completion

statement of accomplishment

A statement of accomplishment establishes that a student has sufficiently and adequately completed about 80% of the course's requirement and is expected to have properly understood the underlying skill and knowledge being taught, and can apply them with little or no supervision.

Course Instructors

course is hosted by

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Topics In This Course

1  Course intoduction Video Available

2  Introduction Video Available


4  Introduction to rigging Ebook Available

5  ssss Ebook Available

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