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Accelerate is a digital talent platform that enables students, graduates, and early career professionals to develop job relevant skills that companies care about and get hired upon completion - all in one place!

Are you struggling to start your career? You're not alone. As more and more people enter into the job market, recruiters are actively seeking innovative ways to find top talent. The Accelerate platform is designed to help prepare and connect you to your dream job.

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Slatecube Accelerate .

What you can expect.

Access Top Graduate Recruitment Programs .

Leading companies trust their graduate recruitment process to Slatecube. With Accelerate, you can find and build the skills these companies care about.

Join Internship Programs .

Find hundreds of top internship and fellowship oportunities tailored to your skillset. You can also build skills that better prepare you for future opportunities.

Explore Campus Representative and Student Ambassadorship Opportunities.

Organizations are always looking to have and maintain strong presence in tertiary institutions. Accelerate helps you prepare and discover campus representative opportunities.


Accelerate is designed to help early career talent build job relevant skills and automatically get integrated into the workforce. Let us help you get your dream job today.

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"I got hired by Gifting Tech, a leading technology firm in Canada after completing the Fullstack Developer program and some lifeskill courses on Accelerate."

Ifeanyi Owah, Full Stack Developer, Gifting Tech.